Control Information Connectivity




Secomea SiteManager hardware gateways are rugged aluminum devices designed with industrial specifications. They support all features required for operating as secure access gateways for industrial installations – from small machines to complete production lines and whole factories. All SiteManager hardware gateways are certified for global installations.



The Gatemanager™ M2M server is the central component of the Secomea solution. Typically it is offered as a service hosted by Secomea, or by one of our distributors, but you can also choose to host your own Gatemanager. Through the web-based Gatemanager portal you can administer accounts, manage Sitemanagers and devices, and much more.

The GateManager also operates as a secure termination point for all LinkManagers and SiteManagers. All connections and the encrypted traffic between LinkManagers and devices controlled by SiteManagers are handled by the GateManager, which also logs all events.



LinkManager is designed for remote programming and servicing of industrial equipment. Running on Windows, it approves access to devices and displays a view of all your sites and SiteManagers. Each device is shown with its configured name, type and online status. Just locate the device you want to connect to, click it, and you are online.


Linkmanager Mobile

LinkManager Mobile allows users to remotely access equipment via their iPhone, iPad or Android devices. It is designed for accessing graphical interfaces on PLCs, HMIs or Webcams, for example. It also establishes connections to desktops running Linux or Windows. You simply connect to the device with LinkManager Mobile and you can start a VNC or Microsoft Remote Desktop Client (RDP) and remotely control the device.

starterpackage (1).png

Starter Package

The Starter Package includes:

SiteManager Gateway – Choose a SiteManager hardware model with your preferred Internet connectivity method, or the SiteManager Embedded software for installation on your Windows or Linux device.

GateManager Hosting – Provides administrator capabilities on a hosted GateManager server (1 year Free).

LinkManager floating license – Provides your technical staff with full programming access to all your industrial equipment.

LinkManager Mobile license – Provides easy access to web-enabled equipment or remote desktop/VNC from a web browser on your PC, tablet or mobile phone.