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SiteManager 3539 4G CN

SiteManager 3539 4G CN

1,350.00 1,650.00

Secure Remote Access and Data Collection in One Device

SiteManager 3539 4G CN (Australian Region) - 100 Devices - 3 Port Integrated Managed Switch (3 Device Ports + Uplink Port) - SD Card SLot - Data Collection Module.

SiteManager is a security certified IIoT Edge Gateway in the Secomea Industrial Communications Solution programme that ensures unified, uninterrupted and secure access to remote industrial equipment. The SiteManager 35xx series is a robust, DIN mountable industrial gateway that you install in machine control panels to provide remote access for on-demand, real-time servicing of industrial equipment. As an additional feature, the SiteManager is capable of data collection, which allows service engineers to perform detailed cloud analysis for predictive and preventive maintenance of connected equipment.

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