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Secomea Data Collection Module



The integrated Data Collection Module (DCM) extends the Secomea SiteManager with advanced Edge Data Collection capabilities, that are typically only found in larger and more expensive IoT Edge gateways.

The DCM includes numerous features which effectively can optimize the collected data before handing it over to the IoT Cloud, thereby reducing amount of transmitted data & need for extra Cloud computing.

The Smart Aggregation capabilities of the DCM can pre-process collected machine data, and thereby optimize the data before it is transmitted to the IoT Cloud.

This can be combined with specific Event Triggers that start data collection, initiate collection of additional data points or increase the frequency of data collection when certain thresholds are exceeded, or if certain machine events occur.

The DCM also includes Store-and-Forward capabilities for ensuring data integrity in case of IoT Cloud connectivity outage. So, even if the IoT cloud connection is lost, the Secomea SiteManager continues sampling data and transmits it as soon as the connection is re-established – giving you uninterrupted logging of your data.

By supporting differentiated upload to multiple IoT Clouds, simultaneously, the DCM also supports multiple use-cases for e.g. a machine builder as well as the factory owner, at the same time, without extra investments at the edge.

But most importantly, unlike any other Edge gateway, the SiteManager, in combination with the Secomea GateManager and LinkManager Client components enables you to effectively take action on machine data irregularities by allowing instant Remote Access to the machines for further analysis or troubleshooting.

Jeff SmithSecomea, IIOT, Cloud