Hirschmann - HiView 3.0 released

02/05/2016 12:00PM

With this update HiView continues to improve in functionality but will stay true to its mandate – the software does not require administrative rights or installation and is designed to be a completely portable tool to manage your Hirschmann devices from factory default setup to adds/moves and changes.

This improvement will allow customers who have issues utilizing HiDiscovery to detect switches on their network due to either firewall rules blocking Layer 2 multicast traffic or lack of administrative access, but also provides the benefit of consolidation to other customers as you will no longer need to have both software packages (HiDiscovery and HiVew) installed to maintain your Hirschmann devices.

The software can be obtained from the Hirschmann support portal, the DAANET website download section or from the download link below.

The Hirschmann support portal is available at the following URL and will require a login to access: https://hirschmann-support.belden.eu.com/

The release notes from Hirschmann below

New features in version 03.0.00download.png

  • Discovery Tab - Scanning of devices that support HiDiscovery protocol version 2. Scanned devices can be added to the Tab "Devices".
  • Support for new devices
  • Support of new certificates - This will resolve issues with accessing HiOS devices utilizing version 6 firmware.


  • When using HiDiscovery v2 to search for devices behind a firewall, configure the firewall to forward UDP packets on port 51973