B&R Automation - POWERLINK servo drives for mobile applications

08/04/2016 04:50PM

ADVANCED Motion Controls expands DVP series

ADVANCED Motion Controls has added POWERLINK-enabled servo drives to its portfolio for mobile applications such as construction, municipal or agricultural vehicles. The DVP series from the company's DigiFlex Performance (DP) family of digital servo drives is designed to control brushed, brushless and AC induction servo motors and features a compact form factor ideal for embedded applications. POWERLINK complements the usual CANopen interface on the drive and enables it for complex high-performance motion control.

With each generation of mobile equipment more automated than the last, the traditional CAN bus can no longer handle the necessary volumes of data. POWERLINK offers the full range of CAN features and adds real-time capabilities as well as sufficient bandwidth for video, remote HMI, real-time processing and safety.

Up to 12.5 kW

The DP servo drives are geared exclusively toward mobile applications and cover a wide continuous power range of up to 12.5 kW peak for 20 - 54 VDC supplies. DP servo drives for mobile applications are offered in a vehicle-mount, IP65-rated housing to conveniently meet the varying demands of mobile installation.

Multiple motor types

DP servo drives can be configured to operate multiple electric motor types, including: BLDC and PMAC servo, closed-loop AC induction, closed-loop 3-Φ stepper, PM brushed, voice coils and inductive loads. Incorporating 5V incremental encoders for feedback, DP servo drives can be configured to support various operating modes, allowing them to be used to control torque, speed or position in a variety of automated mobility applications. This makes the DP servo drives an excellent alternative to both hydraulic and pneumatic motion control solutions.