Instead of configuring the network in-situ and having to contend with all the typical construction site problems of installation delays, power interruptions, cabling errors, poor internet and phone support access, have your network preconfigured and tested off-site.


Daanet can provide the following services and save you considerable time and money:

  • Bench Test 1.jpgFull scale bench test with all proper media from our extensive patch cord collection.
  • Fast setup with our pre-formed power cable looms.
  • Expert configuration by certified Hirschmann engineers - no trial and error chewing up your budget.
  • Comprehensive testing plan to prove all functionality: switching, routing, VLANs, ACLs, QoS and Security.
  • Ability to perform network stress testing to simulate extreme situations.
  • Witnessed Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Visualisation provided by Industrial HiVision network management software to provide confidence in performance.
  • Pre-configure and test BAT Wireless systems and EAGLE20 security applications.


  • Bench Test 2.jpgSite problems can be confidently isolated to physical layer (cabling / connection) issues - reduces troubleshooting time and disputes over responsibility.
  • Network services alive much quicker, providing access to various commissioning teams, especially if VOIP is required for communications.
  • Our quality processes and techniques ensure consistency across the network, less chance of minor bugs that don't show up until months later.
  • Expert advice means we include the features you may not have known you needed.

Ask for a fixed price quotation with your next order and see how economical it can be to receive your Hirschmann equipment pre-tested and labelled, ready for installation. We can also assist with site commissioning, and provide temporary or permanent dial-in 3G/internet connection to provide expert diagnosis.