CP2 - Overview

Participants learn the functions of Industrial HiVision, and reinforce this knowledge with practical exercises. Following this two-day course, participants can make effective use of Industrial HiVision to supervise and configure any size of Ethernet network. 

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  • Installation
  • HiVision structure, & service, SNMP trap service, Software components, etc.
  • Commissioning
  • GUI, Find devices & access, SNMP config’s, Licensing
  • Display topology and devices
  • Map, Device & Properties, Folder structure, Auto topology, Connections, etc
  • Device Configuration
  • User actions, MultiConfig.,
  • Diagnostic & Logging
  • Status config’n, Utilisation, Logging in database, external file, etc
  • Documentation
  • Device documentation, Reporting, Handling projects
  • Remote Access
  • Program access, Web access, Remote GUI, OPC, ActivX control
  • Integration of third -party devices
  • User-defined properties

Ideal for

System engineers, Network engineers, Network administrators, Trade and paraprofessional support technicians


Participants will learn the functions of Industrial HiVision.


Basic knowledge of Ethernet is required, ideally together with product experience from the Rail Family (CP1) course.

Materials supplied

All relevant course materials are included.

Materials to bring

Pen/pencil and notebook
If available, participants should bring a laptop with Ethernet connection and an operation system CD. Administrator rights are required.


Participants will be awarded a Hirschmann Certified certificate.

Additional notes

Industrial networks need to be monitored effectively than office networks, because they are subjected to a higher level of stress from environmental conditions and temperature fluctuations. Network management systems such as Industrial HiVision are essential today. In this situation, it is most important to check the status of the end devices and network components whilst they are still operating, and to rectify faults before system failures occur.

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