This course builds on the experience gained from Industrial Ethernet (CT1), providing network experts with intensive theoretical and practical knowledge about TCP/IP, IP communication and multicasting. Special emphasis is placed on deploying TCP/IP and multicasting in complex industrial environments. This enables participants to provide comprehensive support, both for demanding projects and their daily work.

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  • Internet protocol v4 and v6
  • IP packet - IP addresses
  • Netmask
  • Classless inter-domain routing (CIDR)
  • DiffServ IP Communication
  • Address resolution protocol (ARP)
  • Static Routing Multicasting
  • Multicast addresses
  • Mapping IP addresses to MAC addresses
  • IGMP TCP and UDP
  • Datagrams
  • Ports Applications
  • SNTP - IEEE1588 precision time protocol
  • DHCP with option 82
  • SNMP Network Requirements of Industrial Protocols
  • ProfiNet
  • Ethernet/IP
  • Modbus/TCP Security
  • 802.1x
  • Radius
  • Network address translation
  • Portforwarding
  • Access control lists

Ideal for

Technology training course for system engineers, Network designers, Trade and paraprofessional support technicians who are building, supporting, or migrating an industrial Ethernet network


Participants will have knowledge in Industrial Networking.


Basic knowledge is required, for example, previous attendance of the Industrial Ethernet (CT1) course.

Materials supplied

All relevant course materials are included.

Materials to bring

Pen/pencil and notebook

If available, participants should bring a laptop with Ethernet connection and an operating system CD. Administrator rights are required


Participants will be awarded a Hirschmann Certified Certificate.

Additional notes

Industrial networks must connect an ever-increasing number of technologies and users - while at the same time becoming more flexible. To keep pace with the growing size and performance requirements of these complex networks, system administrators and support technicians need comprehensive technical and practical knowledge about IP communication, multicasting and network security.

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