B&R Automation

Machine manufacturers and end users recognise they need to focus even more on design efficiency and component costs in order to stay competitive. They demand a long-term automation solution which is flexible, scalable and offers meaningful cost and energy savings.

With B&R Automation you receive exactly this: integrated solutions featuring cutting edge technology and a complete range of support services.

Many customers' introduction to B&R is through peripheral equipment - industrial PCs or modular IO. They soon realise the value for money and start enquiring about other products - servo drives, HMIs, PLCs and Safety Controllers. The integration benefits of the 'Automation Studio' development environment consolidates the promise, and before long they find B&R is their dominant platform. Why not take advantage of the special prices on Industrial PCs or Modular IO now, and start your own experience of Perfection in Automation.

Setting our sights on the future

"Perfection in Automation" means we put all of our knowledge and creativity into developing products that become trendsetting innovations. At B&R, we turn this motto into reality by providing our customers with a complete automation solution that provides maximum flexibility and economic efficiency. From customized products to large-scale series production, meeting our customers' needs is our main focus.

From the first prototype to devices ready for mass production, every component is developed and manufactured at our Eggelsberg location. Advanced production methods and fully automatic test procedures using the latest technology ensure our high quality standards.

Relationships that endure

We do not consider relationships with our customers and suppliers to be short-term or one-off situations. We look for partnerships based on lasting trust and a high level of expertise. Loyalty, trust and confidence in all areas are the hallmarks of a good, effective partnership.

As an independent, privately owned company, we are a reliable partner. As such, you need not worry about sudden changes to our corporate strategy or philosophy. This we guarantee.

B&R – Perfection in Automation 

Automation PCs

Not just 'ruggedised', B&R have developed the industrial PC further and created a new genre, the Automation PC. With fanless cooling, cable-free connections and a real-time operating system, the B&R APC range can cover SCADA / PC Based Control to the most demanding vision or motion based task with the highest reliability.
Two ranges - Automation PC and Panel PC provide a comprehensive portfolio of scalable PC solutions for high-performance applications.


From two-line displays to high-resolution graphics with touch screens, B&R provide the right HMI for every application. ‘Mobile Panel 40/50’ – ergonomic, light and impact-resistant, ‘Mobile Panel 100/120’ – Mobile operator panel with maximum flexibility, ‘Power Panel’ – Panel mount HMI with Windows CE or XP, providing a platform for standard SCADA, web terminals or thin clients, ‘PANELWARE’ – compact terminals for space-saving and on-machine applications.


Speed and precision to meet the highest demands. Flexible built-in functions for motion control with safety provide a ‘Plug & Play’ solution in the power transmission system.
The range includes: ‘ACOPOS’ Servo Drives, ‘ACOPOSmulti’ Modular Servo drive system, ‘80MP’ Stepper Motors, ‘8LS’ AC Servo Motors, ‘8JS’ Compact AC Servo Drives and ‘8LT’ High-Torque AC Servo Motor. Being fully integrated in the Automation Studio Software you can now simulate the moving of your axes too!

Safety Technology

Safety shut-offs do not always have to involve a full machine shutdown. Smart, considered and safe reactions to various situations provide safety without always stopping the production process. Intelligent, decentralised and integrated safety technology that is simple to operate and that reaches extremely high reaction times opens up an entirely new range of machine safety concepts.

The B&R X20 System is a modular Safety control system based on the SafeLOGIC Safety PLC. Incorporating modular PLC components of CPU, IO and network, application development uses B&R’s universal Automation Studio software. 

Modular I/O

There is no doubt, centralised IO cabinets are in decline as flexible and configurable remote I/O systems reduce wiring, increase stability and can be adapted to any environment. B&R’s I/O range features the full complement of digital and analog signal processing, with specialty modules such as high-speed counters and valve controllers, all on a range of networks. Available in two families - X20 (with environmental ingress rating IP20) and X67 (rated to IP67), these compact modules will save considerable costs compared to the design, cable and termination costs of traditional methods.

Also suited for retrofitting, various network interface modules are available to quickly incorporate B&R IO into your legacy control platforms.

Process Control

The APROL process control system provides a powerful platform focused on providing intuitive operation and monitoring for process operators, with powerful trending, alarming and reporting. It consists of three core components: Engineering Server, Runtime Server and Operator Station, and integrates with all of the B&R range of control, visualisation, IO and safety systems.