B&R Automation

With a wide range of controller, HMI and drive B&R_Logo_Full.jpgsolutions, this Austrian company appeals to OEMs and Manufacturers seeking a value-priced but fully-featured and easy to use automation platform. With configuration using the fully integrated Automation Studio application, engineering development time and costs are reduced.



Recognised market leader in robust industrial Hirschmann_Logo.jpggrade ethernet switches, routers, WLAN and 
Network Management Software. Whether you need an entry level switch, a security firewall or a 10Gigabit backbone router, Hirschmann have a robust solution available.



Providing the highest M2M security with the simplest secomea logo web.jpginstall, Secomea makes secure remote
access easy.

  • True M2M end to end connection - you connect directly to the target host - PLC, HMI, Drive etc.
  • Uses existing internet ports or 3G modem - no IT department involvement needed.
  • Best practice two factor 'what you have & what you know' authentication and AES encryption.
  • Scalable to the largest networks


IDEM Safety Switches

Highly regarded in the UK and Europe, IDEM’s range of 'next generation' industrial safety interlock switches and control relays is now available in Australia. Designed and manufactured in the UK to provide the highest levels of machine safety confidence.