M5f84f6a43b0b9637e29482f20ae3a6763409201a.jpgodern control technology offers many possibilities. Mechatronic tasks can be integrated into the
control system using intelligent software solutions. This area includes control technologies as well as drive technology tasks. The B&R system offers a range of pre-configured solutions.


TM280 – Condition Monitoring Based on Vibration Measurement Technology

Modern machines benefit from continuous condition monitoring based on vibration measurement technology. This allows mechanical damage on the machine to be detected early so that necessary maintenance can be carried out. Depending on the application, the recorded data can be used for process optimization. The availability and productivity of the machine will increase as a result.

Objectives and content

  • General information and description of condition monitoring
  • The basics of vibration measurement
  • Functionality of X20CM4810 condition monitoring modules
  • Signal processing in the module
  • Application examples from various industries
  • Detecting imbalances, bearing damage, periodic impacts and misalignment of the motor shaft

TM480 – The Basics of Hydraulics

Hydraulics is a widespread and well-established drive technology in industrial machine manufacturing that is typically associated with high precision and high performance. B&R's hydraulic drive solution makes it easy to implement hydraulic axis control tasks and link them with electrical axes in the axis group.

Objectives and content

  • The basics of hydrostatics and flowing liquids
  • Hydraulic drive system structure
  • Hydraulic components
  • Hydraulic control processes
  • The B&R solution for hydraulic drive systems
  • Axis couplings
  • Safety concept


TM481 – Valve-based Hydraulic Drives

Valve-based hydraulic drives use proportional valves and servo valves to implement drive control in machinery and systems. The B&R approach is based on the implementation of hydraulic controllers using software technology blocks from the AsHydCon library and B&R standard hardware.

Objectives and content

  • Control concept for valve-based hydraulic drives
  • The B&R AsHydCon hydraulics library
  • Basic and complex positioning tasks
  • Alternating position and force control tasks
  • Implementing tasks using a simulation model
  • Commissioning guidelines


TM482 – Hydraulic Servo Pump Drives

Hydraulic servo pump drives change the pump speed directly to influence the movement of the hydraulic axis. ACOPOS and ACOPOSmulti represent the backbone of this technology at B&R and, among other things, allow high-precision and highly dynamic pressure control to be implemented in the synchronous axis group.

Objectives and content

  • Control concept of hydraulic servo pump drives
  • Components of this drive technology
  • The function blocks in B&R's AsHDC hydraulics library
  • Typical control tasks like implementing alternating speed and pressure control tasks using simulation
  • Commissioning guidelines


TM490 – Printing Machine Technology

The general term "printing technology" covers a wide range of different techniques for reproducing text and images from a master or template, including letterpress, offset, gravure, flexographic and screen printing. Each technique uses a different process to transfer ink to the respective substrate.

This training module – TM490 – covers the topic of "Printing machine technology". It will present sample solutions programmed using the MTTension and MTRegister libraries. To improve comprehension, each control loop will be implemented and analyzed directly in Automation Studio.

Objectives and content

  • Industrial printing - Basic printing terminology
  • Continuous production lines
  • Basic physical properties of production lines
  • Closed-loop tension control with the MTTension library
  • Closed-loop register control with the MTRegister library
  • Registration mark detection


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