66293d80a2cfc242a417a232ed7cc592508168b8.jpgA certain amount of danger is always associated with machines. The resulting risks can often be reduced by means of structural measures. Nevertheless, there are always remaining risks that must be identified and assessed. Safety applications evaluate safety-relevant parameters and enable the corresponding actuators. Integrated safety technology and safe motion control functions satisfy the safety directives required by the machine manufacturing industry while also offering a high level of flexibility at the same time.


TM500 – Introduction to Integrated Safety

Integrated safety technology offers considerable advantages over hard-wired safety technology. Project development, maintenance and flexibility are just a few of the key points.

Objectives and content

  • Requirements of a safety system
  • Features and philosophy of integrated safety technology at B&R
  • Safety principles and functionality
  • Overview of safety components
  • SafeKEY, SafeLOGIC and safe I/O modules
  • Information about the commissioning and maintenance of safety technology


TM510 – Working with SafeDESIGNER

The SafeDESIGNER feature integrated in Automation Studio provides a configuration and programming interface for the safety application. Standard PLCopen functions make project development especially efficient.

Objectives and content

  • Configuring hardware in Automation Studio
  • Adding and configuring SafeLOGIC / SafeLOGIC-X devices
  • Adding and configuring safe I/O modules
  • Working with SafeDESIGNER
  • User management and interface
  • Linking I/O channels and configuring modules for safety
  • Simulation, online connection and download
  • Programming the safety application in the graphical editor
  • Commissioning the safety application
  • LED status indicators, diagnostic/status values
  • Module replacement and maintenance
  • Examples and exercises


TM540 – Integrated Safe Motion Control

Integrated safe motion control offers considerable advantages and improvements to the efficiency and safety of machinery containing drive technology.

Objectives and content

  • Overview of the underlying principles of a safe motion control solution
  • Safe power transmission system and failsafe current principle
  • Configuration in Automation Studio
  • Adding and configuring hardware
  • Using functions in SafeDESIGNER
  • Overview of functions
  • Safe drive configuration
  • Error handling and diagnostics
  • Overview of integrated safety functions
  • Interface with the standard application
  • Sample programs and commissioning


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